Meet Our CEO

Hey y'all heyyy! Where do I start?...

I was probably born a product junkie to be honest. I remember going to the beauty supply store to buy hair products as early as the 4th grade. The only styles my mom knew how to do involved big ol' doodoo braids and chunky barrettes so that's how my hair looked for most of my childhood. When enough was enough, I learned how to braid and started doing my own hair.

Fast forward to my adult years...In 2015 I was a newly married wife, first time mom, and full time employee in a corporate environment that was high level stress/anxiety. As a result my hair was thinning out. I also noticed my son had a bald patch from sleeping on his back a lot.

After spending a lot of money on things that didn’t work, I wanted to create something we could both use together. After a bunch of research and trial and error, the first product I created was a growth oil.

I was seeing great results using the oil. Even my son's bald patch filled in sooner than I thought it would. One day someone noticed my hair progress and asked if I would consider selling the oil. I figured If I could sell at least 50 bottles, I'd make it a business. We sold over 500 bottles. The time away from my son wasn't worth it anymore so I quit my job, legitimized the business, and went all in full time.

Soon after I started a FB Haire group called ExtraordinHaire Ladies (now "ExtraordinHaire Tribe") that grew into a 15k+ members only community. We’re basically a group of people who share all things hair related. Struggles, before and after pics, memes, Do’s and Dont's, celebrity hairstyles, DIY hair tips, EVERYTHING!

By being EXTREMELY transparent with our Haire Tribe, encouraging them to spread the word, and consistently pushing our products online.. we've sold all across the US and 18 international countries. One of them being Namibia, Africa in which we built a client base by having a wholesale distributor selling ExtraordinHaire for a few years. By the grace of God, we've been able to stay in business despite a crazy economy, personal losses, and covid 19. Can you tell I’m chatty?

Lol…Anyway, when you use ExtraordinHaire just know that it’s not just the products. It’s a community of people that get you. It’s like millions… you don’t just get millions of dollars. You become a millionaire! its not something you have..its someone you are! When you grow with us, you ARE us. You're an ExtraordinHaire member!

With us, you can expect two things.

1. We gon grow us some Haire.

2. We gon have us a good time doing it!

-XoXo, Trish